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All About Monte Cristo Homestead and Our History

A Few Words About Us

Christopher William Crawley [1841-1910] acquired 520 acres of land on conditional purchase. His fortunes changed when the Great Southern Railway Line opened in 1878, and he built the Railway Hotel opposite the soon to be bustling railway station. Crawley wealth soon increased dramatically, acquiring almost the entire area of present day Junee at his landed peak.

Monte Cristo (literally Mount of Christ) came into being in 1884/85. Prior to the construction of the new house, the Crawley's lived in a small brick cottage now called the Original Homestead.
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The Ryans Of Monte Cristo

Caring for the Past into the Future
The Ryan family have lived in the Junee and Wagga Wagga district for generations. The existence of Monte Cristo Homestead today is testament to the dedication and industry of the Ryan family.
The Ryans Rebuilt Monte Cristo
Reginald and Olive Ryan - Caretakers of the Future
Besides being an antique store and award wining tourist attraction, it has always been very much a family home, the heart of the Ryan family, presided over by Reginald and Olive Ryan. Sadly, Reginald Ryan passed away in 2014, and Olive now carries the torch of his legacy.


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"Hi Mr and Mrs Ryan, our names are Jillian and Brett, and we are very excited in staying at your wonderful home on the 1-2 Sept. We look forward to meeting you. See you then."

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